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New York City
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Times Square
4 bedrooms
993 sq. ft. | 1st floor
Times Square

Times Square

As the cultural and commercial heart of New York City, Times Square has everything – from the iconic neon billboards, to family friendly restaurants, costumed street performers, glittery Broadway shows, and luxury apartments for rent.

Residents of Times Square call it the beating heart of the city, where you’ll find thousands of pedestrians, at any given time of the day. It’s the epicenter for entertainment, and also the scene of the famous New Year’s Eve ball drop.

You could spend hours in the neighborhood shopping, relaxing in Bryant Park, or visiting world famous attractions like Madame Tussauds.

The area is no longer as chaotic as it used to be; in 2016, the city decided to make things a little safer for residents, by designating special areas for relaxing, watching street performers, and express lanes for walking around.

Easy Access To Broadway

One of the best parts about living in – or around – Times Square, is easy access to all the Broadway shows that you would want to watch.

Known as the epicenter of the theater scene, Broadway has many original plays that have been running for years!

From the world famous Phantom of the Opera which has been running at the Majestic Theater for around 30 years, to the renowned Lion King at the Minksoff Theater – there is something for everyone here.

Bryant Park

Located between 40th and 42nd Streets and 5th and 6th Avenues in Midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park is a popular attraction amongst locals and tourists alike. It’s famous for its colorful gardens, al fresco dining, excellent restrooms, a merry go round, outdoor reading room, and multiple family friendly activities.

Commonly referred to as Manhattan’s Town Square, this is the best place to hang out with your family on a weekend, or escape the crowds on main Times Square.

Bryant Park is also surrounded by Manhattan’s iconic skyscrapers, and the New York Public Library is also right next to the park.

Living In Times Square

The best thing about Times Square, is its easy access to transportation from multiple buses and trains. Subways can take you practically anywhere in the city, and many find stations only a few feet away from their apartments!

Besides easy transportation, Times Square has some of the most modern, luxury apartments in the city. While most buildings in the area are hotels, or offices, there are a number of new residential buildings.

Many older buildings have also been converted into luxury apartments – and while this might not be the most discreet neighborhood in the city, it’s certainly one of the most iconic, and beloved areas.

Restaurants In Times Square

From rolling carts, to trendy spots, and classy restaurants – Times Square offers a diverse dining experience.

Try the famous Ellen’s Stardust Diner where waiters randomly burst into song, or the popular Italian eatery, Carmine’s, known for its large servings.

Shopping In Times Square

As the tourist center of the city that never sleeps, Times Square offers a fantastic shopping experience. While this is not the place for luxury, designer brands, there are a number of budget friendly stores in the area.

You’ll find big chains like Sephora, Ann Taylor’s Loft store, H&M, Old Navy, Levi's, etc. in the area.

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